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This amount of effort was a direct result of a conversation with the vet who had given a list of instructions to help keep the horse conscious until s...e got there. I did what I could, but in all honesty I knew very little about horses and did what I could when I could, but had very little effect on the animals true well-being. The Vet arrived in a midst of this chaos, and immediately took control, she was in her early thirties, long dark hair scrunched into a pony tail, but strands were loose. I decided to have a cigarette and compose myself and then looked around. There were 3 cars already there but I couldn't see anyone or any activity. After a nail biting 10 minutes I thought I have driven here dressed for fun so I may as well be proactive. I put my high heels back on, opened the door and stepped out and still with the door opened and the light showing I took my coat off, opened my handbag and lit another cigarette. I then walked towards a path that was about 50 yards away and in. This Somali sister is not that naïve. I must say that the gay guys I met were usually girly and annoying, instead of tall, handsome and masculine like Roger Duchene. The Haitian brother mystified me. I decided to send him a friend request, along with a thank you note for saving my plump Somali ass from those racist white dudes out in Kanata. Imagine my surprise when Roger added me as a friend right away on Facebook, and wrote his number. I pondered over it, and then typed it into my iPhone and. Main dheere se darwaaza kholi. Woh mujhe dopahar papa ko lubhane ke liye pehni choti dress mein dekh bole: Kya baat hai, looking sexy.Main: Hahaha, akeli thi ghar pe to pehanli.Amit bhaiya: Akele akele ayse dress mein kya kar rahi thi.Main: Naach rahi thi, aapko kya?Amit bhaiya: Are to mujhe bhi dikhaona naachke.Itne mein bahar se maa boli: Woh uth gayi kya, Amit?Amit bhaiya darwaze se bahar jhank kar: Haan aunty uth gayi, maine utha diya.Maa: Achcha kiya, warna pata nahi kitna soti hai.Amit.

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