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Remember, I've already shared you with my friend Harry, and tonight you were fucked by Harry's father as well." That was Harry's father?" I gasped. "N... wonder." What do you mean?" Like father, like son," I replied, "both have magnificent black cocks my dear. Perfect for fucking little white sluts like your mom, and your future wife."His laughter filled me full of relief, and a very comfortable sense of hearth, home, and eternal love. And it was then that I realized the key to my future. Sara would not be in a position to judge Becky immoral for loving her sister a little more then normal.And besides she loved Sara and Sara loved her. Their friendship was that close." Hello?" Sara chided her again, "look, I know this is good shit, but come on, Becky, where's Jenny been? I've been dying to see her since last summer." Do you remember I told you Jenny was like getting serious about some guy at the fucking college she's going to?" Becky asked quietly, with an odd smile on her. ..n went to bed we all were watching TV when my wife said she was tired and went to bed. We continued watching TV for a while and I noticed angie was texting and receiving numerous messages with someone I asked if was missing al her other half she said yes rather nervously . That seemed strange to me but then got up and said she was going to the toilet, whilst she was gone I noticed her phone was left on the sofa I picked it up and scrolled to see the messages I was shocked to see tha t the. .. I'm coming directly to his face. I move my position and started kissing him, tasting my own juice and it tasted like honey. i begun to kiss him slowly down to his stomach go directly to his 8 inches cock. I slowly played my tongue on the smooth part of his penis while my hand is slowly moving up and down, the I begun to suck it slowly and this time my hands are playing his balls, I suck him deeply and faster as i could. I licked his balls and sucked them too while my hand is moving up and.

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Dirty blowjob

Dirty blowjob

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