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Reed says, "Wow, Erin, you can do that anytime, sweetie, anytime. You've got a talent for it, that's for sure. Thanks, I better go lay down after that..." and he plops down on his chaise lounge which he dragged into the shade and is soon asleep."Erin, it looked like you've done that before," Mia says, "Have you?" "Can I take the Fifth Amendment on that? A girl doesn't have to tell all does she?"I must say that my two friends were getting the best of the fun with my brother. It did seem weird to. Afraid that he would come right there, he moved away. Jen seemed to see the danger, but she had a demand. “Well, lose those.” He lost them, as well as the shoes and socks. He knelt over her and resumed the kissing. He started on the valley between her breasts and passed on to her belly. Leaving her hair for the return trip, he kissed the inside of her thighs. That brought his nose right where Jen smelled most arousing. And he could just barely taste her, too. He licked a thigh and anticipated. . what were you guys doing in here?" she asked, trying to break the ice."Word games, actually. Bob's idea", replied Clevon.Bob? Oh, Mr. Best. He was always one of her favorite teachers. It was kind of weird to see him at a student's party, though.Mr. Best (Bob!) leaned forward. "Want to play?" he asked."Sure!" Okay, here's what you have to do: recite a passage from this book and don't make any mistakes while Mike tries to distract you by whispering in your ear." He handed her The Canterbury. The wine they were enjoying helped to loosen her up, relax into the simple enjoyment of a good meal and interesting conversation. Ryan polished off a decent helping of Mamie's pot roast and two servings of apple pie, impressing Jake with her appetite. He shouldn't have been surprised, though, considering just how hard she worked during the day. After dinner, they moved into the sitting room, where an upright piano took up one wall. Ryan commented on its beauty, its clean lines and rich mahogany.

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