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Ian talked about his life as a single man cuckolding other men. He was frank, if not brutal, in explaining away his preferred lifestyle. “I just can...��t explain why,” he told them. “It might sound as though I’m being big headed but I know that I have a bigger than average one and I’m good with it. I... I just enjoy making another man feel inferior when I’m fucking his wife.”Jerry’s hand alighted on his thigh. “Well I wouldn’t say I’ve had that much experience but I can affirm that you are very. Van licked and sucked, smacking his lips with erotic pleasure as his little girl's tangy cunt sauce flowed unceasingly into his mouth. As he licked and sucked the blonde's stiff clit, he rammed two fingers back up her slick fuckhole, fingerfucking her furiously while sucking off her clit."Ohhhh, Jeesus, Daddy, you're turning me on sooo fuckin' much! God, I have to came, Daddy! I need to come! Keep sucking my cunt, Daddy! Make me come hard!" she begged tearfully.Van's fingers flew in and out of. After a while the bike jerked a bit badly and she landed her hand on my crotch and I was surprised and soon I could feel that she was embracing me tightly and she grinned and said “liking it?” I also grinned and said “very much” and started to press my hard tool over my jeans and she whispered I am free till evening as my mother has gone to her relatives with my son and she will be back at night” I said “shall we go to my place” she kissed my ears and said “wherever you take me” so I turned the. Her big Jen started giving her a shoulder rub and whispering words of encouragement to her. “That’s right Leslie. You fuck that machine.” “Don’t let me down. We need you to put on a show for us.” “You look sexy on that thing. If only your boyfriend knew.”As I looked around the room I could tell all eyes were on our performance. The sorority girls were watching intently some of them even appeared to be fingering themselves through their clothes. “How does it feel,” Jen asked. “Incredible, I love.

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