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Just call me Kaley, first name base between the two of us,’ she insisted. I nodded. ‘Did you need anything Mrs…Kaley? You requested me’.. ‘W...ll I’m the only one home and needed some company. Can you do that for me Troy?’ Kaley asked, in a noticeable, sultry voice. All I can do was nod once again. ‘Good. Now come join me in the hot tub.’ As much as I wanted to join her, I knew how bad it would have looked if someone were to walk in on us. My job could have been at risk for that. ‘Oh I can’t. Fuck me with your tongue and deeper. Sweetheart. I feel so fulfilled. Oh I am so happy that I came with you. Lick me. Suck me” she was moaning. A little later, I lifted my head to catch my breath and I saw her clitoris in full bloom, throbbing in its base. Gently I placed my mouth on it and started teasing it with my tongue. Chira was now jumping uncontrollably. “Oh Raju…is his Heaven My lover. Hurt me sweetheart. Bite me there. Suck me there. My god. What thrill. Darling. I am leaking like a. Now as he watched his sister-in-law slowly begin to lower herself to the floor, her tongue probing his flesh as she did, he was producing low grunted sounds of lust.Abigail gazed up at him. Her lips inches from his balls. "Your cock is beautiful," she signed and then licked the base. She smirked when it jumped toward her. "So hard," she signed and licked again. Her hands remained free as the cock jerked around and tried to desperately find her mouth.Joyce slid from the bed and lowered herself. Natalie broke suction from Mia’s clit and looked up, face shiny with wetness and asked "Do you like that, Mia? Can I play with your ass?"Mia nodded and lifted her hands to each nipple and squeezed; milk ejected and sprayed on Natalie’s face."Fuck, Mia, that is so sexy. Let me taste your milk, baby," Natalie said.Mia smiled and squeezed again, this time into Natalie’s open mouth. Natalie stuck her tongue out and caught as much milk onto her tongue as she could and allowed droplets to roll down.

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Outdoor Sex

Outdoor Sex

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