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There was a tiny smear of paste near the little slot, left over from the roaring fountain of semen this man had ejaculated into her cunt.Had it only b...en days ago when she would have shuddered in horror at even the idea of simply handling a man's prick, much less going down on it? To Lauralee, that old part of her life seemed hidden in antiquity. She felt that she had been truly born back there in that wantonly appealing motel. Bending lower, she kissed the stubby tip of Chris's cockhead while. I removed what was left of my clothes as he did the same, then switching positions I tentatively stuck my tongue out and tasted my first cock. It didn't taste weird as I had half expected it to but it was actually just a little salty, and felt just right in my mouth. I began to suck his cock as he had done mine, trying to bring him all of the pleasure he was able to bring me. His cock was about 6" but even still I could only get about 3/4ths of it into my mouth before my gag reflex kicked. “Huh?” I could feel myself starting to get tired again, and it was getting hard to think straight.She got off of me and arranged her skirt. “Go home, Tom. Come see me when you’re feeling fully restored, alright?”“Um, okay...” I got unsteadily to my feet and gave her a kiss which turned into another and almost started us making out again, but then she pushed me away, her face flushed.“Go,” she urged me. I went.I slept until morning when Kate handed me the baby again. Was this all parenthood was,. She took a sip of water and tried to swallow the lump in her throat. ‘Well,’ she started. ‘Everyone knows now that I was offered a pretty prestigious internship in New York. The photographer’s name is David Fisher. He is really well known and very talented. I talked with him on the phone today and discussed the details…the ins and outs of how this would all work. I did a little researching and a lot of soul searching, and I’ve decided that I’m going take it. I’ll be leaving for New York in just.

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