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. I'm done." Beck said, as he turned and walked back towards his cabin."Wait!" Sam called after him, but he kept going. Sam looked back at Freddie, wh... gave a quick look of disappointment, then turned away from her. Sam could feel the tears welling up in her eyes, so she ran into the woods.Freddie looked back at Jade with such an intensity, eyes narrowed at her."I know you're mad, babe, but-" I'm not mad, Jade. I'm disappointed. Big difference. I think Beck had the right idea. Maybe all this,". They must have snuck out of their house after midnight to meet up and it was at that “wrong plane and wrong time” moment that they were lucky enough to have caught her in the act.Bob was talking to the guys. “You know we can go to the police and tell them what you did!!” threatened Bob.“No Bob!! Please…please don’t report me!! I will go to jail!!! My family will be shamed before the Chinese community!!! Please I beg you!!! I have money!!! I won’t give you homeworks anymore!!!” . I also know men that would give anything to have a wife who acted as kinky as you just did. You see Linda, we know what you told him was true, but does he know? You have no idea how much a man would love to get a video like that with their wives acting and talking like a nasty ass whore."I looked at Jack and thought, "Could John think that? Could he think it was all a sex show? Do you think so? What should I do, I don't want to turn him on, I want him mad as hell?"Jack sat there and did not say. Yesterday, all Suzanne had to do was to suggest that I work with HR to select a replacement for Jack Piedmont's position. Declining to serve was not an option. None of us knew the outcome would be unpleasant, but they must have known that by choosing me for the job, they were taking a chance that something would go wrong.There was no need to pack because I was not planning to stay overnight. I went to sleep thinking how I would persuade my sister to let K.O. come home with me. Appealing to her.

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